"In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." Or did he?


We all know the rhyme: in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.  Or did he?  Take a trip back in time to discover the roots of the age of exploration.  Who actually rose through the ranks, earning a trip to the new world?  With up to six competitors for the spot, only one will make the cut.  Will you fall behind the crowd, or will you make history?




Artwork for 1492: The Rite of Passage was designed to engage players in a theme representing the adventure and culture of a maritime voyage.


Players: 2-6          Time: 30 min - 1 hour          Ages: 10+


1492 is a hex, turn-based, battle-strategy game based in the age of exploration. Up to six players can play at one time and gameplay lasts around one hour.























The goal of the game is to achieve prestige to please the crown and secure funding for your adventure sailing west. The first player to achieve four prestige points wins and the game ends.


Prestige is gained by one of five ways: finding and settling a newly discovered island, eliminating other enemy ships, slaying a beast of the sea, locating rare artifacts, or raising sufficient gold to please the crown.


Players are allowed one move each turn around the map, upon which they roll a dice to determine what interaction they will have that turn.  Will they be blessed or cursed by the sea?  Deprived or rewarded by nearby islands?  Will passersby help or hurt you and your crew?  Only luck can determine your fate.
























There are five resources you can gather during the game: food, wood, gold, gunpowder, and metal.  Each allow you unique upgrades to your ship, battle tactics, and navigational assortment to aid you in your quest.  Watch out though, because your enemies have the same opportunity to upgrade their arsenal, or there may be some traps hidden throughout the map.



















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